We are almost there!

Thanks to the sensitive hearts of people who hear the voice of the Spirit bringing them a desire to help the needy, we have covered the sum requested to obtain the first batch of 50 radiator heaters for the first 50 hopeless Sderot families.

However, given the great demand, it is essential that we can cover the costs of the expected second batch and thus achieve our initial goal of blessing 100 families in Israel this winter.

Winter Is Coming To Israel

With winter starting and temperatures dropping rapidly in our city, Sderot, our “City Of Life” team is already coordinating help for families who may need it to cope with the intense cold weather that worsens more and more year after year.


Due to the poor thermal insulation of most houses where needy families in our city live, most of which do not have any central heating system, it is extremely important that they have access to heaters that keep the home warm and pleasant.


However, unfortunately many of these people are not financially able to purchase a heater for this purpose.


For this reason we're organizing a large distribution of radiator heaters to support as many families as possible this winter.


Our target is to be able to help more then 100 families in need this winter.

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You have the possibility to join us and thus be able to reach more families by providing the cost of US$90 per radiator heater by clicking below.

We are urgently raising the sum of US $ 3,000 for the purchase of the second batch of 50 radiator heaters.


You can help us reach more people in our city with the love of God and bless them through our projects.

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