SDEROT, The "Bomb Shelter Capital of the World"

Sderot is infamously referred to as The "Bomb Shelter Capital of the World" because of its numerous bomb shelters some of which are built in the form of Children's Play areas in school playgrounds.

In this atmosphere of violence the Lord put us as a beacon of light to share the Gospel, pray and declare that this is a "City of Life"

Because of its proximity to the Palestinian city of Gaza, Sderot is the city most affected by extremist Islamic terrorism, suffering from severe missile attacks, several fires caused by incendiary balloons sent across the border and the construction of secret tunnels directed towards the city escaped by terrorists with the aim of infiltrating the country to commit attacks on the civilian population.

As a result of the insecurity and stress of this environment, the local population, many of whom have been victims of a terrorist attack or experienced the loss of a loved one in a bombing, is economically and socially harmed in addition to developing psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, insomnia or the like.

Statistics place children as the most affected, revealing that some 40 percent of the children in Sderot suffer from symptoms of anxiety, fear and post Trauma Syndrome (PTSD).


You can help us reach more people in our city with the love of God and bless them through our projects.

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