Post War Recovery Day

An escalation of clashes between Palestinian rioters who attacked Israeli policemen with stones on the Temple esplanade in Jerusalem, a holy site for both Jews and Muslims, was one of the main triggers of the conflict in which Hamas, the terrorist organization that rules in the Gaza Strip, launched a rocket offensive across the country, starting with Israel's capital Jerusalem, prompting Israel to respond with air strikes against Gaza.

In total, Hamas fired more than 4,300 rockets at Israel, some of which were intercepted by the "Iron Dome", the powerful anti-missile system of the Israeli army.


However, this complex anti-missile system developed by Israel, despite being one of the most advanced in the world, found itself in trouble when trying to intercept part of the most advanced missiles in Hamas' arsenal, thus leaving room for many of them to end up impacting Israeli cities leaving as a result a trail of destruction, 12 dead and hundreds wounded.

One of the worst days of the war was the third day, when 1,269 alarms were sounded across the country.

Tragedy in Sderot

Despite the fact that many homes have a bomb shelter room, these, like the anti-missile system, turned out not always to be able to provide the necessary protection in the event of war, showing that we can only pray and ask for God's protection.


Seven people were hurt in a direct hit on a building but a five-year-old boy was fatally struck by shrapnel that penetrated window of fortified room in Sderot during major Hamas barrage.


The boy’s mother grabbed him and took him to the fortified room when the incoming rocket sirens sounded. But in in this incident, a rocket shrapnel punctured the shelter’s window, critically injuring him and also wounding his mother. He was pronounced dead several hours later.


A paramedic said the missile struck an apartment in a nearby residential building, sparking a fire, rescue workers then went to the adjacent building where they found the five-year-old unconscious with shrapnel wounds.


Medical personnel gave him urgent treatment and rushed him to the local hospital.

War Trauma Recovery Day

Sderot residents are gradually becoming psychologically affected by the constant trauma of Palestinian rocket attacks fired from the Gaza Strip towards the civilian population in Israel.


With each rocket that is fired, another Sderot resident goes into shock or panic attack, further increasing despair in the hard lives these people lead, yet these factors are often ignored by the authorities or the international community.


When other cities were hit by missiles for the first time during this war, Sderot has been grappling with this problem for years, which despite the ceasefire, does not seem to end any time soon.


Those most affected by this constant bombing threat are the children, who are most vulnerable to post-traumatic stress.


Parents of young children often do not know how to deal with their children's problems and are desperately looking for a way out.


We at the "City of Life" ministry are organizing with great effort a day of rest and relaxation for those families with children in a swimming pools and water slides amazing water park, where children can forget the tension of war sirens and falling missiles and have the possibility of spending a nice fun time with their parents after one of the most difficult and terrifying wars that we've ever experienced in Sderot and throughout the country due to the amount of missiles fired, sirens constantly sounding, destruction, deaths and injuries.

You can be part of this project and thus bring relief and rest to the lives of so many people in our city who need this well-deserved day of relaxation after having faced the traumatic situation of the last war.


Join us and together we can include more and more people on these essential trips.

We urgently need to raise the last US $ 1000 to be able to carry out this project and bring relief to the traumatized families of Sderot, join us by clicking below

Increasing Trauma in Sderot

According to a recent study close to 56 percent of Sderot residents have suffered in some way from Palestinian rocket attacks.

Over 4, 000 Sderot residents and 86.6 percent of Sderot children aged 12-14 are suffering from symptoms of post-traumatic-stress disorder (PTSD).

PTSD is a severe and ongoing reaction to a terrifying ordeal that involved physical harm or the threat of physical harm to the person. The shock impacts the victim's ability to function for months after experiencing a Palestinian rocket explosion. Many rocket terror victims suffer from depression, sleepless nights, severe anxiety and have trouble going back to a regular routine.


You can help us reach more people in our city with the love of God and bless them through our projects.

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