Professional Psychological Support

Our special team of "City of Life" is available to provide psychological and emotional help to the most affected people of the city who face the challenge of living on the border with extremist Islamic terror that considers the extermination of Israeli citizens as one of its priorities.

With our specialized team we set out to help victims of terrorism by providing them with professional psychological support, in addition to all our love and understanding as well as sharing the gospel whenever the situation is conducive to this.

Visiting them in their homes where it is possible to create an environment of trust and understanding, we were able to successfully help many desperate people to feel better overcoming many of their problems and fears, as well as our therapy offered to married couples with a problematic relationship and thinking of breaking up, restoring the relationship and bringing them mutual understanding and hope to move forward thus avoiding the impending divorce.


You can help us reach more people in our city with the love of God and bless them through our projects.

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