Help for immigrants, single parents and needy

The situation of insecurity to which the city is constantly submitted brings economic problems to all its inhabitants, many of them struggle to reach the end of the month and many parents are unable to provide for the needs of all their children.


In "City Of Life" we are sensitive to the needs of those who suffer the most and we offer them all the possible support so that they can move forward with their lives.

We distribute coupons for buying food in supermarkets as, diapers for both children and adults which are one of the basic needs of many families and one of the most expensive, among other things in an attempt to cover the basic needs that people may have.


We help new immigrants adapt to Israel providing them with the necessary psychological support due to the difficult security situation in Sderot, as well as monetary and social aid.


You can help us reach more people in our city with the love of God and bless them through our projects.

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