Post War Well Deserved Rest For The Soul

Post War Well Deserved Rest For The Soul

After the last war we experienced in Israel where the Islamic terrorism of Hamas fired from the Gaza Strip more than 4200 missiles on the cities of Israel with the aim of causing the highest number of civilian casualties and sowing fear in the hearts of the citizens, in Sderot the mental health of a population that had been suffering from these and other attacks for years worsened even more.

The trauma and pain caused by the desperation and helplessness of the situation after hearing the constant sirens announcing the imminent fall of destructive missiles are difficult to overcome, especially in children who suffer the most, oblivious to political reality and powerless. come to understand why all this happens.

Concerned about the mental health of children our ministry “City Of Life”, as it had been announced, we carried out a “Recovery Day” in an amazing water park with swimming pools and water slides giving the children the opportunity to enjoy the current sunny weather cooling off and having a great time to forget the reality in which they live the rest of the year.

Most of the children of Sderot and the region suffer from concentration problems, post-traumatic stress or different traumas associated with the unsafe environment in which they live, so this day of entertainment and rest was of vital importance to help them overcome the situation.


On this all-inclusive trip children and their parents were amazed. The adrenaline and fun experienced by children in the water slides and swimming pools, reduce the levels of stress and anxiety and help fight depression.

At the end of the day after sharing some food together on our way back home, glad parents thanked us for our effort and dedication, testifying how the trip had relieved their pain and how happy their children were after having enjoyed one of the few “happy days” of this last year, even when, due to the trauma, each small noise disturbs them and reminds them of the sound emitted by the missiles.

“We have felt like we were out of the country, in another world without the expectation that at any moment the alarms can sound, another rocket explode or one of the incendiary balloons that cross the sky from Gaza fall on us”, a mother told us between tears of joy .

Many other people were grateful because by their own financial means they would never have been able to afford a trip like this.


From our ministry “City Of Life” we want to thank our friends and supporters with all our hearts who made this trip of relief possible and together we were able to return the smile to dozens of children.
You can become our partner and be part of another similar project to help the hopeless inhabitants of our region, bringing them comfort and the peace that comes from heaven.

We invite you to be part of our ministry so that together we can bring hope to our border town of Sderot.

   Our work would not be possible without the help of partners like you, that is why we ask you to consider in prayer the possibility of a monthly commitment that will allow us to continue with the Lord’s work here in Israel.

Sincerely yours

Michael & Dina Beener

“City of Life”
Social Outreach Center and Messianic congregation

Sderot, Israel.

[email protected]


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