Meeting The Basic Needs Of Children And The Elderly

Meeting The Basic Needs Of Children And The Elderly

As we have done for a long time, our “City Of Life” ministry continues to intensely help the elderly, so that they can have a better time in their last years meeting their basic needs, and one of them, perhaps the most expensive of all, they are the “disposable diapers for adults”.

These diapers are really very expensive and due to the large amount that older people need per week they depend on our help to meet their needs.

That is why our ministry understands that this is one of our most important projects, the distribution of adult diapers for the elderly who need them, many of them are immigrants and Holocaust survivors who are not in a financial position to buy them and unfortunately not always they receive this help from the authorities.

Our ministry supplies diapers for adults in our distribution center, but many elderly people are not able to reach them, so our team distributes them at home to elderly people who are very grateful and relieved to know that they will not lack this necessary good for lead an almost normal life.

You can be part of this project now and bless the elders of our region with your contribution.

Even when we talk about diapers for children, with a much smaller size than adult diapers, prices are still high and many families find it difficult to provide these important diapers for their children in addition to food, clothing, etc.

Speacially families of single mothers, new immigrants or young parents who have to face the economic problems of our city Sderot and the entire region due to Islamic terrorism added to the Covid-19 pandemic that cause lack of employment and possibilities.

Our ministry with much love is in charge of distributing diapers to many of these families in the region who depend on our help, bringing them comfort and joy in knowing that they will not have to worry about the great expense that the purchase of diapers entails, and that they will be able to keep going despite the difficult situation we are going through.

You can bless young families, new immigrants and single mothers by being part of this project and making an impact on the lives of the people of Israel, click on the link.

We invite you to be part of our ministry so that together we can bring hope to our border town of Sderot.

   Our work would not be possible without the help of partners like you, that is why we ask you to consider in prayer the possibility of a monthly commitment that will allow us to continue with the Lord’s work here in Israel.

Sincerely yours

Michael & Dina Beener

“City of Life”
Social Outreach Center and Messianic congregation

Sderot, Israel.


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