Impacting Our Region With Love

Impacting Our Region With Love

Did you know that visiting the famous Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty is possible in Israel?

These are in the town of Netivot, a few kilometers from Sderot and although they are smaller replicas of the original monuments, they are still stunning.

These beautiful monuments, along with new modern European-style shopping malls and a grand neighborhood of super-tall buildings are part of a project by an Israeli businessman born and raised in this city in a desperate attempt to “bring life back” to a city. that is “dying” between poverty, unemployment and the low social condition of its inhabitants.

Netivot, the sister city of Sderot, which is similar in size, also suffers the consequences of Hamas’s Islamic terrorism, the stress and trauma of the inhabitants and the helplessness in the face of the lack of opportunities as a result of the continuous stalking to which they are subjected.

Some time ago our messianic and social Congregation Outreach Center crossed the limits of our city Sderot and offers aid to the entire region adjacent to the border with Gaza and its Islamic terrorism, especially to Netivot, one of the poorest cities in Israel.

A special team from “City Of Life Social Outreach” handles the distribution of aid on Netivot that covers immigrant families, single parents, widows, Holocaust survivors and the needy.

The amazing psychological support that our team of professionals provides to the traumatized inhabitants is of vital importance, and as in Sderot, it successfully helps people to overcome their traumas and be able to move on with their lives, to have hope in the future one more time and smile again.

In recent months the Lord is opening doors for us in this city in a surprising way to provide even more of our support and bring hope to more and more families with our various projects, distributing baskets of basic food to those who depend on our help to not starving, as well as distributing shopping coupons for supermarkets ensuring that no inhabitant will go to sleep on an empty stomach.

Of great importance is our distribution of radiator heaters that will provide warmth to the precarious homes of many needy families during the long winter nights in this desert area of ​​the country; as well as the distribution of essential furniture and appliances for those who need them and struggle financially, such as washing machines, refrigerators, beds and cabinets. And among many other projects such as the distribution of diapers for adults, one of the most difficult needs to meet for many elderly people due to their high cost.

We are coordinating more help to impact the city of Netivot and reach the hearts of its suffering citizens according to the call we receive from the Lord, however we are being overwhelmed by the great demand that our hard-working team cannot cope with.

Our support for Netivot is essential so that so many affected families can get on with their lives and receive comfort and hope in times of crisis.

The city of Netivot needs us!

Get involved now and together let’s reflect the light of the Messiah in Netivot

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We invite you to be part of our ministry so that together we can bring hope to our border town of Sderot.

   Our work would not be possible without the help of partners like you, that is why we ask you to consider in prayer the possibility of a monthly commitment that will allow us to continue with the Lord’s work here in Israel.

Sincerely yours

Michael & Dina Beener

“City of Life”
Social Outreach Center and Messianic congregation

Sderot, Israel.

[email protected]


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