Helping The Elderly To Walk Again

Helping The Elderly To Walk Again

Our messianic congregation and aid center “City Of Life” is in constant contact with those most in need in the city of Sderot, and the Gaza terrorism border region, with the intention of providing them with help and meeting their most basic needs, showing them the love of the Father and blessing their lives.

In our often visits to the elderly, many of them Holocaust survivors, we have realized that many of them find it difficult to walk due to their old age and/or different medical problems.

However, many of them did not have any walking aid device, and unfortunately they do not receive this help from the indebted city government that struggles to respond to the requests of the inhabitants.

Therefore our team set out to help them by obtaining a large number of special wheeled rollators for adults with motor difficulties, which were distributed in a large distribution day organized in our “City Of Life” outreach center, where many elderly from Sderot’s most needy came to receive a free Wheeled Rollator and instructions on how to learn to use it.

The smile on their faces reflected the gratitude they felt in their hearts knowing that something as essential as walking will now be easier for them.

However, many elderly people could not come to receive our gift due to the difficulty that it is for them to get out of their houses in addition to not having relatives who could transport them so our team with much love dedicated themselves to bringing the rollators to their homes bringing them hope in their last years and letting them know that they are very important to us.

Helping the elderly is an important part of our ministry as Messianic Jews and you can be part of our purpose to show the love of Messiah Yeshua in Israel. Join us in reaching more lives with the love of the gospel.

We invite you to be part of our ministry so that together we can bring hope to our border town of Sderot.

   Our work would not be possible without the help of partners like you, that is why we ask you to consider in prayer the possibility of a monthly commitment that will allow us to continue with the Lord’s work here in Israel.

Sincerely yours

Michael & Dina Beener

“City of Life”
Social Outreach Center and Messianic congregation

Sderot, Israel.

[email protected]


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