Healing The Soul

Healing The Soul

In the last war in which the terrorist organization Hamas fired more than 3,000 missiles against Israel in one of the toughest conflicts we had to face in recent years, terrible images of projectiles falling in different cities could be seen, impacting the lives of civilians Israelis.

However, for the inhabitants of Sderot this situation is nothing new; The population has suffered these missile attacks for more than 15 years, living under an atmosphere of fear and trauma as the sirens that sound warning of a bombardment become more and more common and the majority of the population has experienced some event related to missiles or had to face the pain of seeing a loved one or friend injured by terrorism or their mental health affected because of the constant threat of terrorism.

These years of pain and suffering have left a scar on the population of our city that is difficult to heal and more and more families are in desperate need of our help, comfort and counseling to be able to move on with their lives while our team at “City Of Life” struggle to meet the great amount of need.

Mental health is a big problem and in our psychological support project we strive to be able to offer our help to as many families as we can within the time that our limited economic situation allows us to pay our team of professionals who with much love and dedication they even donate their time to help the traumatized and hopeless who carry terrible stories on their shoulders.

The worst night of Fiora’s life

At the beginning of the last war, Fiora was trying to take a walk late at night to reduce the anxiety caused after a long day of bombing when suddenly again the sirens began to sound alerting the fall of a new missile bombardment arriving in just 15 seconds.

Fiora was paralyzed, because of the panic caused, her body remained immobile, until she could react and try to run to a nearby refuge, however due to anxiety and despair Fiora fell heavily to the ground on her face, severely hitting her jaw and breaking his arm. Her serious injuries mean that Fiora needs physiotherapy treatment to this day, in addition to having to undergo dental work due to teeth that ended up embedded in her lips.

Fiora had already been a victim of terrorism on previous occasions, developing post-traumatic stress and suffering from fibromyalgia (chronic muscle pain), so this new event further aggravated her mental health in addition to her physical health, she rarely gets to sleep for the nights.

Our constant visits and support from her have managed to restore her hope and help her move forward by focusing on her little daughter who needs her more than ever.

“- It is very difficult for me to remember that tragic night, but despite the difficulties and pain I try to deal with the situation and move on for my daughter. My children help me as much as they can but it is difficult because the pain consumes me inside and outside”

Fiora told us through tears who is immensely grateful for our help and constant talks that help her heal little by little and continue her life, however she still has a long process ahead of her and our team will continue to give the best to help her within our possibilities.

Comfort For Yuval And Her Children

Yuval is a mother of 4 young children who finds it very difficult to explain the current situation of insecurity to her children and protect them from the consequences and psychological disorders that conflict can cause in their lives.

However, with our professional psychological help sessions offered by our team, Yuval is putting aside her traumas and returning to hope for a better future for her children in the last visit, she told us:

“-It is wonderful that we can continue with the psychological support sessions, because I can testify that I see a great change in my life, I have more confidence and I feel more encouraged in each encounter.

In the difficult situations that I had to experience in life and the terrible insecurity that we face, I am beginning to understand things better and gain the strength to move forward.
The ideas that bring me light and inner peace and everything that I learn with you about scriptures and prayer that is causing a powerful change in different areas of my life is also very good for me. “

As well as these families there are many others in our area that are devastated and seek help to heal their wounds and move forward. Therefore, we ask for his prayers so that the Lord guides and sustains us in order to reach the most mentally affected, bringing them hope and comfort in knowing that they are important to the Father who gave his Son for them.

Join us in this indispensable service of bringing good news to each home and together we can increase the capacity of families that our team of professionals can serve.

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   Our work would not be possible without the help of partners like you, that is why we ask you to consider in prayer the possibility of a monthly commitment that will allow us to continue with the Lord’s work here in Israel.

Sincerely yours

Michael & Dina Beener

“City of Life”
Social Outreach Center and Messianic congregation

Sderot, Israel.

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